Toppan Group companies exercise their own unique competitive capabilities and offer solutions through the effective application of their individual management resources and cooperation that makes the most of their strengths.

Company Name Business
Kansai Bottling Co., Ltd. Filling of alcoholic beverages
TB Next Communications Co., Ltd. Consulting services and BPO services centered on back offices and contact centers
The Institute of the Formative Art Co., Ltd. Clinical art-related business, clinical art instructor-related business (school business), development and sales of art-related goods
Sobi Calendars Co., Ltd. Planning, manufacturing, and sales of calendars
Tamapoly Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of plastic products
T&T Enertechno Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of lithium-ion battery packaging materials
TGS Co., Ltd. Smart card issuance-related services
Digital Publishing Service Inc. Publishing
Total Media Development Institute Co., Ltd. Environmental development planning; display design; and planning and production of visual and other media
Tokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd. Publishing
T.M.G. Challenged Plus Toppan Co., Ltd. Print media planning, production, and prepress, IT development, digitization of paper media, office work, cleaning, linen supply, papermaking
TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Manufacturing and sales of printing inks and chemical products
Tosho Printing Co., Ltd. Publications and commercial printing
Toppan Infomedia Co., Ltd. Labels, magnetic media, industrial materials and IC-related business
Toppan Editorial Communications Co., Ltd. Planning, editing, and production
Toppan Graphic Communications Co., Ltd. Prepress, planning, and printing
Toppan Electronics Products Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of display-related and semiconductor-related products
Toppan Cosmo, Inc. Catalogs; general printing; planning, manufacture and sales of character-related goods; procurement and sales of industrial materials.
Toppan Communication Products Co., Ltd. Manufacturing in the field of information and networks
TOPPAN DECOR PRODUCTS INC. Printing of wallpaper and décor sheets for housing
Toppan Technical Design Center Co., Ltd. LSI design, system development, and LSI turnkey services
Toppan TOMOEGAWA Optical films Co., Ltd. Manufacturing and sales of surface treatment (anti-reflection) films
Toppan Travel Service Corp. Travel agency
Toppan Packaging Products Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of packaging products
Toppan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. Filling services
Toppan Human Information Services Co., Ltd. Human resources agency
Toppan Forms Co., Ltd. Printing of business forms and data printing services
Toppan Logistics Co., Ltd. Shipping and warehousing
Toppan Plastic Co., Ltd. Manufacturing of plastic products
Toppan Prosprint Co., Ltd. Planning, production, prepress, and printing; and manufacturing, sales, etc. of printing-related materials
Toppan Hall Co., Ltd. Event planning for and operation of Toppan Hall
Toppan Insurance Service Co., Ltd. Insurance services
Toppan Media Printing Hokkaido Co., Ltd. Newspaper prepress and multicolor offset printing
Toppan Media Printec Kansai Co., Ltd. Newspaper prepress and multicolor offset printing
Toppan Media Printec Tokyo Co., Ltd. Newspaper prepress and multicolor offset printing
Booklista Co., Ltd. Sales and intermediary services for publishing and newspaper content
Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd. Publishing
BookLive Co., Ltd. E-book store and e-book distribution platform
RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd. Contract gene analysis, gene diagnosis reagent business, and related services
ONE COMPATH Co., Ltd. Internet advertising media business
Toppan Photomask Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of photomasks for semiconductor manufacture