Combining Printing with Transformative
New Technologies to Create Value for Society

Hideharu Maro

Hideharu Maro
President & Representative Director

Toppan targets further growth as a creator of social value and an essential partner in enabling solutions for customers on all fronts. Our philosophy is based on using our privileged position as a leading presence in the fields of information and culture to contribute to fulfilling lives for everyone. We have expanded into diverse businesses centered on a core of printing technologies over the 119 years since Toppan’s founding and today drive co-creation in partnership with customers through our team of more than 50,000 employees at 160 locations worldwide.

In a time of rapid diversification, we are transforming the way in which we provide value. Looking towards 2025, Toppan has set out Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education & Cultural Exchange, Urban Space & Mobility, and Energy & Food Resources as four growth fields in which we can create the most value for society. At the same time, we are focusing on expanding both global operations and cutting-edge, new businesses.

The digital revolution has brought a paradigm shift to modern society. Correspondingly, Toppan is developing and providing a greater range of end-to-end solutions that combine our core printing technologies with new, transformative technologies meeting the changing needs of the market. A key part of this is driving digital transformation, where we will concentrate on such areas as digital marketing and manufacturing to even better serve our customers from every angle. We are also expanding globally with a focus on security solutions, where we can leverage superior technical capabilities, and packaging and décor materials, where population increase will drive market expansion.

Toppan will continue to transform and innovate as it aspires to be a vital partner that creates value and plays an essential role in society.