Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, and Executive Officers

As of October 1, 2021
Shingo Kaneko
Shingo Kaneko Chairman & Representative Director
Hideharu Maro
Hideharu Maro President & Representative Director
Executive Vice President & Representative Director
Shinichi Ohkubo
Personnel & Labor Relations Division
Overseeing Secretary Office, Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Division, and Public Relations Division
Directors & Senior Managing Executive Officer
Kazunori Sakai
Overseeing Corporate Planning Division, Global Governance Division, Information Security Division, Digital Innovation Division, Education Business Development Division, and Sports Business Development Office
Directors & Managing Executive Officer
Takashi Kurobe
Finance & Accounting Division
Director & Executive Officer
Hironori Majima
Manufacturing Management Division
Yoshinobu Noma (external)
Ryoko Toyama (external)
Mieko Nakabayashi (external)
Senior Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Jitsumei Takamiyagi
Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Itaru Kubozono
Hiroyuki Shigematsu
Keiko Kakiuchi (external)
Haruo Kasama (external)
Senior Managing Executive Officers
Tetsuro Ueki
Electronics Division
Masanori Saito
Information & Communication Division
Overseeing Expo/IR Promotion Office and DX Design Division
Yoshimitsu Anamizu
Living & Industry Division
Managing Executive Officers
Mitsuhiro Nakao
Overseeing Social Innovation Subdivision and Business Creation Information & Communication Division
Yuichiro Kotani
Higashinihon Division
Norio Yamanaka
Environmental Design Subdivision
Living & Industry Division
Haruhiko Noguchi
Chubu Division
Chiharu Komachi
Global Governance Division
Katsuhiko Fukada
Nishinihon Division
Shigeru Kosami
Display Business
Electronics Division
Masatoshi Hagiwara
Personnel Department
Personnel & Labor Relations Division
Masahiko Tatewaki
Head of Global Packaging Subdivision and President of Toppan USA, Inc.
Jin Endo
R&D Strategy Office and Business Development Division
Overseeing R&D Strategy Office Intellectual Property Enhancement Project
Executive Officers
Satoshi Otani
Overseeing Marketing Subdivision
Information & Communication Division
Shinji Yoshimoto
Higashinihon Subdivision
Higashinihon Division
Takao Ikeda
Corporate Planning Division
Kinya Yamanaka
Kansai Subdivision
Nishinihon Division
Takuya Yamaguchi
Business Strategy Department
Information & Communication Division
Satoshi Nagasawa
Deputy Head of Environmental Design Subdivision
Living & Industry Division
Teruo Ninomiya
Semiconductor Business
Electronics Division
Yasutaka Kikuchi
Toppan Technical Research Institute and R&D Strategy Office
Hirotaka Mine
Information Media Subdivision
Information & Communication Division
Overseeing Cultural Project Division
Ikuya Nishiyama
Chugoku & Shikoku Subdivision
Nishinihon Division
Junko Masumi
Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property Division
General Manager, R&D Strategy Office Intellectual Property Enhancement Project
Hiroki Shibatani
DX Design Division and R&D Strategy Office
Toshiya Akiho
Kyushu Subdivision
Nishinihon Division
Katsuo Kobayashi
Packaging Solutions Subdivision
Overseeing Living & Industry Manufacturing Subdivision
Living & Industry Division
Ko Agatsuma
Hokkaido Subdivision
Higashinihon Division
Takashi Ito
Head of Digital Innovation Division and Deputy Head of DX Design
Satoshi Oya
Medium-Term Plan Project
Corporate Strategy Department, Corporate Planning Division
Planning I, Business Strategy Department, Electronics Division