TOPPAN VISION 21 presents the values that each of us working in the Toppan Group should adhere to and the goals that we all share. It is composed of the Corporate Structure, which expresses our fundamental values, and the Business Fields, which set out the direction in which we are moving.
By making TOPPAN VISION 21 a reality, Toppan aims to expand its fields of business and generate new benefits and value for society.
Each of us shall reciprocate our customers's continued trust,create dedicated products by hamessing our vibrant knowledge and technology, and contribute to a fulfiling lifestyle as a mainstay of information and culture

Corporate Structure -Corporate Philosophy-

The Corporate Philosophy consolidates Toppan's commitment to sustained growth as a company contributing to society.
  • Each of us

    Our corporate philosophy expresses common values shared by every Toppan employee and conveys the concept of human dignity valued by Toppan.

  • Reciprocate our customers' continued trust

    The satisfaction of customers (corporate clients and consumers) is our primary concern in all daily operations. We consider strong customer relationships an essential part of business and our customer-first approach will remain the cornerstone of all future business endeavors.

  • Create dedicated products

    Every product and service we provide to our customers must be of superior quality. Created with dedication, passion, and ingenuity, our products and services represent years of experience and knowledge. We will never waver from creating “dedicated products.”

  • Harnessing our vibrant knowledge and technology

    Our design and marketing knowledge and technical prowess give rise to vibrant reproducibility, creativity, and detail in print to meet our customers' requirements.

  • Contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle

    We contribute to more enriched, satisfying lifestyles by invigorating person-to-person, person-to-corporation, and corporation-to-corporation communications.

  • A mainstay of information and culture

    We have made major contributions to information and culture through our printing operations. In response to future challenges, we will continue developing technologies that keep us ahead of the curve and will fulfill our role in society with pride and resolve.

Corporate Structure -Corporate Creed-

Our Corporate Creed is the standard that every one of us at Toppan keeps in mind while working. It is made clear through five different points of view.
To build our customer’s trust through sincerity, enthusiasm, and creativity in all our corporate endeavors.To strive for total innovation from a global perspective by conducting marketing and technological development rich in originality.To conduct fair and open business operations while acknowledging our social responsibilities and aspiring for harmony with our global environment.To create a positive working environment by maximizing our individual talents and strengths as a team.To enhance our corporate standing and promote the continual development of the Toppan group through the exploration of new possibilities.

Corporate Structure -Conduct Guidelines-

Toppan's Conduct Guidelines set out the basic concepts and behavioral norms to enable everyone who works at Toppan to act in accordance with legal compliance and corporate ethics. They are comprised of a total of 71 clauses divided into two chapters.
The Conduct Guidelines were established in June 2000. They have subsequently been revised three times to further enhance compliance management. In 2010, when Toppan marked 110 years since its founding, the Conduct Guidelines were revised extensively and positioned as guidelines shared by the entire Group in order to drive globalization and Groupwide management. The most recent revision, in 2021, is conscious of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the focus of increasing interest throughout the world in recent years. The revised guidelines aim to accelerate efforts to address material issues identified in the TOPPAN SDGs STATEMENT and ensure that such efforts are supported by appropriate conduct in order to help shape a sustainable society.