Creating world-class technologies

Driving the evolution and fusion of printing technologies for application in multiple fields.


The Toppan Technical Research Institute leads Toppan's R&D efforts. It aims to create new businesses as well as new products for existing business.

The Research Institute is composed of two main sections. The Fundamental Technology Research Laboratory targets development that generates new businesses and expands the range of Toppan's technologies. The Business Development Research Laboratory works on original products with a competitive edge.

To achieve this, Toppan collaborates with leading companies, universities, and research institutions in Japan and overseas.

This fusion and evolution of printing technologies enables the creation of new solutions for our customers.

Fields of Research

Toppan aims to establish new, next-generation technologies while at the same time conducting both fundamental and applied research to enable business growth in our target markets.

Toppan's Fields of Research

History of the Toppan Technical Research Institute

Toppan Technical Research Institute
Toppan Technical Research Institute

Toppan consolidated its various research facilities and established the Research Institute in Saitama, Japan, in 1986, bringing together fundamental, applied, and production technology research under one roof. A super clean room wing was created in 1999 to enable pioneering research in the field of electronics and a testing center was established in 2003 for experiments enabling Toppan's business in the 21st century.

Research and Development Locations

Tokyo area