Kenichi Yamaguchi

Creative Planning

Toppan Inc.

Osaka, Japan

Approaching Everything with Integrity

I handle creative planning for catalogs and in-store sales promotion as well as regional revitalization projects.

I am involved in a wide range of work, from researching food industry trends to enable proposals for new bread flavors to presenting customers with innovative ideas for invigorating Michi-no-Eki roadside service stations, which are designed to showcase the unique characteristics of each region.

I feel pressure taking on the challenge of expanding into new fields from scratch, but I enjoy the stimulation of acquiring new knowledge every day.

When I am faced with requests from customers or something I don’t understand, I never bluff or just let it go.

I always make sure to listen carefully, approach everything with integrity, and clearly set out the issues that need to be addressed.

My Free Time

I have recently discovered a love of cooking. Cooking is creative Going to cooking classes has helped me learn about the spirit of hospitality.