Blueprint for the Future

Toppan leverages technological expertise and deep market knowledge to operate across a range of businesses. Whatever we are doing, our goal is the same: To make your life richer, safer and more comfortable.

Content Creation

“Technology to
create richer experiences”

Toppan works with museums to preserve the world’s cultural heritage through VR technologies, and to bring historic sites to life with augmented reality. We also build translation services and apps that enable cross-cultural communication and enhance the tourist experience. Our technology creates richer cultural experiences and deepens connections between people.

Products & Services

IoA Virtual Teleportation® / VR Safety Training / TABIDO® / VoiceBiz® Multilingual Voice Translation / Meet Japan® 4K Video Content Library / Digital Archiving / Street Museum®

Security Solutions

“Trust is the basis of society”

A trusted partner for governments, central banks and financial institutions ever since we began printing share certificates in 1902, Toppan is a global leader in Cash/Cashless Solutions (smart card printing and banknote technology); Identity Solutions (passport and government ID issuing systems); and Product Authentication Solutions (anticounterfeit technology for goods). Our know-how keeps citizens safe and the world’s economy moving.

Products & Services

Government ID / Secure Payment/ High Security Printing / IoT and Track & Trace


“Driving digital
transformation in retail”

Digital is revolutionizing retail—and Toppan is driving change for retailers and shoppers. Our marketing automation solutions use personalized messaging and coupons to sustain consumer engagement, while our in-store IC tags provide instant product information to shoppers. Our RFID and PIM systems are set to play a key role in checkout-free stores. Our mission? To make retailers more efficient and consumers better informed.

Products & Services

In-Store Branding / Digital Marketing / Marketing Automation / Space Communication


“Eco-friendly packaging for
freshness and impact”

Toppan has over a century of expertise in packaging and the comprehensive solutions and varied packaging options we offer reflect that long history. We handle every stage of the process from developing and manufacturing materials to package filling. Our packaging doesn’t just provide convenience, freshness and environment-friendliness, it commands attention with its eye-catching designs and shapes.

Products & Services

Flexible Packaging / Folding Cartons and Surface Decoration / Cups and Trays / Composite Containers / Molded Plastic Products / Corrugated Fiberboard

Performance Materials & Energy

“A leader in printing,
coating and deposition

Toppan is a frontrunner in printing, coating and deposition technologies. Our world-leading GL BARRIER—a favorite of the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries because of its superior barrier and environmental performance—came from our pioneering vapor-deposition technology. The same technologies play a crucial role in other industries, giving us a strong position in making lithium-ion battery packaging, for example.

Products & Services

Transparent Barrier Films / Packaging for Electronic Components / Media and Supplies for Printers / Precision Processed and Exterior Decorated Components / Lithium-ion Battery Packaging Materials

Décor Materials

“Comfortable spaces
to live and work”

Toppan has a global presence in décor materials, with factories in Europe, the US and Japan. We produce ultrarealistic décor papers and films for interior and exterior use. Our products look good and because they cut resource use they are also good for the environment, proving that style, comfort and sustainability can coexist.

Products & Services

Saturating Grade Paper / G-effect Precoated paper / HD one Non-PVC decor film / FORTINA Aluminum louvers

Display Components

“Better image quality.
Smoother operation”

Toppan deploys its mastery of microfabrication technologies to make key components for electronics products—sensor films for touch panels; antireflection films and color filters for displays; small to medium-sized TFT LCDs. We’ve even developed a light control film for homes, offices and vehicles.

Products & Services

LC MAGIC Light Control Film / Color Filters for LCDs / Copper Touch Sensors / Surface Treatment Films / Fine Metal Masks For OLED Displays / Small and Medium-Sized LCD Panels


“Deep knowledge
of materials
and leading-edge technology”

With the widespred uptake of digital devices and the evolution of AI and IoT, semiconductors play an ever-expanding role in our lives. Using ultrafine microfabrication technologies, Toppan produces parts essential to the Semicondutor process, from front-end photomasks to FC-BGA substrates and leadframes used in back-end packging.

Products & Services

Semiconductor Photomasks / LSI Design / LSI Turnkey Services / Nanoimprint Solutions / Color Filter Arrays & Micro-Lens Arrays (On-chip Color Filters) / Semiconductor Packages / Etched Parts