Décor Materials

“Comfortable spaces to live and work”

Toppan has a global presence in décor materials, with factories in Europe, the US and Japan. We produce ultrarealistic décor papers and films for interior and exterior use. Our products look good and because they cut resource use they are also good for the environment, proving that style, comfort and sustainability can coexist.

Saturating Grade Paper

Saturating Grade Paper

Produced by printing wood-grain, stone, or abstract designs, Toppan's saturating grade paper is used for countertops, flooring, furniture, and interior fixtures. We faithfully reproduce wood and stone patterns from around the world.

G-effect Precoated paper

G-effect Precoated Paper

G-effect features a graded embossing effect on wood-grain, stone, or abstract designs printed on light basis weight paper. Difficult to distinguish from real wood panels, G-effect produces a fully synchronized embossing effect.

HD one Non-PVC decor film

HD one Non-PVC Décor Film

HD one is a chlorine-free and plasticizer-free printed polyolefin film that provides an excellent alternative to high-end decorative panels. Its flexibility makes it suitable for various processing techniques and it offers scratch and stain resistance. HD one is ideal for furniture, cabinets, wall panels, and interior and store fixtures, and is also used on FORTINA aluminum louvers.

FORTINA Aluminum louvers

FORTINA Aluminum Louvers

FORTINA combines aesthetic, high-performance decorative surface materials with aluminum profiles. Louvers originally used for blinds and ventilation are now seeing increasing demand as an element of design.
With designs and shapes that offer something new and different, FORTINA can meet an array of needs for wide-ranging customers.


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