Basic Approach

The Toppan Group has formulated the following basic policies to contribute to the building of a recycling-oriented society, an endeavor the Group positions as an important element of management. The Group processes industrial waste and waste materials in line with the following priorities.

① First priority is given to reductions of the discharge of industrial waste and waste materials generated in association with business activities.

② Second priority is given to the reuse or recycling of industrial waste and waste materials discharged in spite of the reduction efforts.

③ Third priority is given to the application of appropriate treatment methods to industrial waste and waste materials not reused or recycled.

This order of priority may not apply when another order of priority is deemed to be more effective for reducing environmental burden.


Building a Recycling-oriented Society

In a drive to use limited resources more effectively, the Toppan Group works to reduce the discharge of waste, increase the recycling rate, and apply appropriate waste treatment methods based on The Toppan Group Declaration on the Global Environment.

Waste paper derived from operational sites primarily in the Information & Communication and Living & Industry fields makes up the largest portion (about 70%) of the total waste discharged at Group sites. This is followed by waste plastics from plants in the Living & Industry field and waste acid from the Electronics field. The Group has striven to increase the material recycling rate by processing waste paper into recycled paper, separating waste plastics and processing composite plastics into pellets, and recycling by other methods. Waste acid, meanwhile, has been treated in-house to lower volumes for disposal. In the Group’s approaches to water, a limited resource, Toppan is committed to reducing the level of water consumed and to controlling the quality of effluents discharged into water systems. The Group will continue reducing total waste discharge and promoting material recycling.