Basic Approach

Corporate governance focused on the management of sustainability activities provides an integral foundation for Toppan’s approach to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities as a group of companies dedicated to furthering sustainable growth hand-in-hand with the development of society at large.

Toppan has formulated a Basic Policy on Corporate Governance to reinforce its corporate governance based on a full understanding of the spirit and aims of the Corporate Governance Code established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In March 2020 Toppan revised the basic policy to better align it with the progress made in promoting workplace diversity and addressing the SDG issues of focus for the Group.

Toppan and its Group companies work together to consolidate management under the Related Company Administration Regulations prescribed for the advancement of fair management within the Group. Through this approach, the Toppan Group promotes governance aimed at maximizing the value of the entire Group.

Promotion Framework

Toppan Inc.’s governance structure employs an Audit & Supervisory Board.

As an entity entrusted by shareholders and substantially represented by independent external members (one-third of all members), the Board of Directors strives to achieve sustainable growth and a medium- to long-term increase in the corporate value of the Group while overseeing important managerial decision-making and the execution of duties by each director.

An Audit & Supervisory Board composed of a majority of independent external members audits the execution of duties by directors from a position independent from management.

An Advisory Committee for Nomination and Remuneration has also been set up to enhance the objectivity and transparency of personnel affairs and remuneration of directors.

Toppan has adopted an executive officer system to clarify the authority and responsibilities of those in charge of business execution.

Corporate Governance Structure (as of June 29, 2021)
Corporate Governance Structure (as of June 29, 2021)