The Purpose of Business Continuity Planning

The Toppan Group provides an array of products and services in the Information & Communication, Living & Industry, and Electronics fields.

Even if a disaster halts operations, Toppan will maintain its commitment to reciprocating the trust of client companies and society overall by minimizing damage to the Group’s supply capacity.

Toppan adheres to a business continuity planning (BCP) protocol to ensure that Group employees remain safe and that business operations are promptly recovered when a disaster strikes. The basic policy and action procedures for disaster response are also reviewed annually to update the Group’s Basic Plan for Countermeasures against Disasters. Toppan sees BCP as an essential process for fulfilling its social mission as a proponent of a sustainable society through the steady supply of products and services that society needs.

Promotion Framework

Disaster Preparedness

BCP administration offices at business divisions and subdivisions, major subsidiaries, and Group companies handle the development of BCP activities accommodated to their own operations. Groupwide taskforce members at the head office undergo regular drills to secure disaster preparedness. The BCP Promotion Office set up in the head office Legal Affairs Division in Tokyo oversees and advances these endeavors while coordinating with the BCP administration offices and related departments around Japan to enhance business continuity competence throughout the entire Group.

Toppan Group BCP Promotion Structure
Toppan Group BCP Promotion Structure
Main BCP Activities
  • Training and drills
    Drills for the startup of taskforces (at the head office, business divisions and subdivisions)
    Training for taskforce members
    Training for personnel at BCP administration offices
  • Enhanced business continuity competence of subsidiaries and Group companies
    BCP activity assessments with checklists
    Individual interviews based on the assessment results
  • Revision of documents
    Revision of the Basic Plan for Countermeasures against Disasters and action-procedure sheets
    Formulation of annual action plans
  • Stronger supply chain
    BCP workshops for suppliers
  • BCMS operation*
    External audits, internal audits
    Training and drills, revision of documents, etc.
    * Have obtained ISO 22301 certification for operations that require strict security procedures.

Actions Taken during Actual Disasters

In the event of a disaster, taskforces will be set up at Toppan’s operational sites in the affected region, along with taskforces at the responsible business divisions and subdivisions, subsidiaries, and Group companies across Japan. These task forces will work under the direction of a Groupwide taskforce to be established at the head office in Tokyo. The Groupwide taskforce is to consist of directors responsible for taskforces from the head office and a number of Groupwide response units led by taskforce managers, all working under the taskforce head, their deputy, and the assistant to the head. The Basic Plan for Countermeasures against Disasters stipulates the criteria for setting up the Groupwide taskforce. Toppan has already prepared alternate sites in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai region where a substitute Groupwide taskforce can be formed as a contingency for a disaster affecting the Head Office Building in central Tokyo.

Disaster-affected sites will also start relief activities to confirm the safety of site members, provide emergency relief, and initiate other necessary actions on a top-priority basis. The Groupwide taskforce will support the operational sites affected by the disaster and assess damage to the Group’s operations. Once the extent of damage is confirmed, the taskforce will design a recovery plan to move seamlessly into a systematic business-resumption phase. The taskforce will then allot corporate resources to individual businesses by balancing the needs of pertinent departments, while considering alternate production when early recovery is expected to be difficult. All of the taskforces will be dissolved and their activity logs will be compiled once the recovery is complete. Issues identified during recovery processes will be duly reflected in the Group’s future recovery operations through revisions in the action procedure sheets and other imperative updates.

Coordination of Disaster Recovery Activities
Coordination of Disaster Recovery Activities