Basic Approach

Legal compliance in business operations is an indispensable prerequisite for every corporation to fulfill its responsibilities to society.

Toppan established the Conduct Guidelines as a set of compliance standards in June 2000, the centennial of Toppan Inc. These guidelines set forth standards for Toppan personnel’s behavior based on the Corporate Philosophy and principles of legal compliance.

In November 2010 Toppan completely revised the guidelines into the Toppan Group Conduct Guidelines, a set of common principles that all Group companies around the world are required to observe for the assurance of strict compliance. These Groupwide guidelines are reviewed every year to adjust to changes in business environments, social conditions, and other circumstances relevant to the Group. Any revision of the guidelines is subject to a resolution by the Board of Directors of Toppan Inc.

Compliance Promotion Structure

Toppan believes that the strict observance of the Conduct Guidelines directly links to legal compliance. The Conduct Guidelines Promotion Leader system is a core mechanism to ensure full observance of the guidelines. Upon their election every year, the Leaders initiate guideline compliance in daily operations at their workplaces under the Director in charge of Conduct Guidelines Promotion.

Seven hundred and twelve Leaders were deployed across the Group in fiscal 2020, including 98 women (13.8% of the Leaders). A cumulative total of 11,132 employees have worked as Leaders since the system was launched in fiscal 2004.

Structure to Promote the Conduct Guidelines