Creating Value that Drives a
Sustainable Society

Hideharu Maro

Hideharu MaroPresident & Representative Director
Toppan Inc.

Hideharu Maro

First of all, let me extend my heartfelt sympathies to the many people who have been affected by COVID-19. We are all praying for a timely recovery from the pandemic.

Since its foundation in 1900, Toppan has engaged in its business with a mission to contribute to the sustainable development of society by propagating printing technology. In 2000, the centennial year of Toppan Printing, we formulated TOPPAN VISION 21 and declared our philosophy of “contributing to fulfilling lifestyles as a mainstay of information and culture.” We are pleased to see Toppan reach its 120th anniversary this year. Let me express my sincere thanks to our stakeholders for the strong and consistent support they have offered since our founding more than a century ago.

Moving into 2020, the world faces the challenges of climate change, marine plastic debris, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a host of other crises that are forcing people everywhere to reshape their lives and economic activities. To me, the fundamental shifts taking place in society represent an opportunity for the Toppan Group to evolve as a corporation that creates social value through innovation. In my view, this reaffirms the importance of Toppan’s technologies and services for the sustenance of civil and social infrastructure. We have developed these technologies and services based on the printing technologies Toppan has built up over its 120-year history. Looking ahead, we will address social issues as a provider of comprehensive solutions centered around “Toppan Digital Transformation (T-DX),” our key service tailored to meeting the rapidly expanding needs of the digital transformation.

In November 2019 we formulated and published the TOPPAN SDGs STATEMENT to set out our stance and the direction for our initiatives to take towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These initiatives will drive the growth of the Group as a creator of social value. The material issues we seek to address in our Group operations have been selected from among the 17 SDGs. We classify these issues into two categories of materiality: “Companywide Materiality,” issues of focus to provide a platform for our corporate operations, and “Business Materiality,” issues to be addressed in our business operations. I have established, and am chairing, a Sustainability Promotion Committee to further intensify our sustainability activities. Under the committee framework, we will accelerate our SDG-focused initiatives by deliberating concrete measures and managing our progress towards attaining the goals set based on our assessment of materiality.

In May 2019 we also announced our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We consider the impact of climate change on our business activities an important issue. We will be assessing the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and disclosing relevant information to our stakeholders.

As our society moves further into the new normal, we at the Toppan Group will help the international community realize a sustainable world by undertaking our sustainability activities with integrity and ramping up efforts towards a Toppan ideal that has endured since our foundation: to be a corporation that creates social value.

We greatly appreciate and rely on the ongoing support of all of our stakeholders.

September 2020