Toppan has selected a set of material issues on which to focus in its sustainability activities, in order to accelerate initiatives developed to help solve social issues throughout the business enterprises of the Group.

The material issues are aligned with the set of “Business Fields” set out in TOPPAN VISION 21. In selecting the issues, Toppan has focused on areas in which the Group can create new value for society by applying its technology and expertise to collaborative work with stakeholders.

Toppan will be evolving into a corporation that creates social value by helping to realize fulfilling lifestyles through the implementation of sustainability initiatives that address the material issues selected for the Group.

Toppan’s Business Fields

Selection Criteria

In selecting the material issues, Toppan prioritized the principles of the Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Creed, and Conduct Guidelines presented in TOPPAN VISION 21, the master plan plotting out the basic direction for corporate activities at the Group. Toppan has also incorporated the concepts of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of long-term global development agendas. Based on these conceptual foundations, Toppan classifies the material issues into two categories: “Companywide Materiality” and “Business Materiality.” Companywide Materiality themes are key issues Toppan should address in its Group operations as a good corporate citizen. Business Materiality themes are issues on which to focus in the course of business to help resolve social issues under the SDGs.

Selection Process

Toppan selected the material issues based on the criteria described on the left by comprehensively assessing corporate activities through discussions with relevant departments across the Company. The appropriateness of the selections was checked through dialogue with stakeholders and external experts. Senior management thereupon reviewed the selections and finalized them with authorization from the Board of Directors.

Opinion about Materiality at Toppan

  • Realizing a Fair and Sustainable Society through Unique Toppan Initiatives

    Ryoko ToyamaDirector (external)
    Toppan Inc.

●Materiality Themes that Reflect Identity and Uniqueness

Toppan’s identity shone through most clearly in the “sustainable global environment” in the “Business Materiality” themes. Packaging is a major enterprise for Toppan. The Group can use its technologies in packaging to change the current picture of the business and contribute significantly to the sustainability of the global environment. With regard to “Companywide Materiality,” I think that the “employee health & job satisfaction” theme demonstrates the true Toppan culture. This theme seems to reflect Toppan’s commitment to health management. The various healthcare measures Toppan has in place attests to the great value the Group places on its employees.

●Supporting Justice with Unique Businesses

SAmong the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), my particular focus is on GOAL 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. I believe that many social problems are rooted in the issue of justice.

I look forward to seeing Toppan contribute to the realization of justice, as well. Printing technology has enabled society to disseminate information and knowledge widely. Printing has contributed tremendously to the realization of justice through the democratization of knowledge. The same is true of modern digital technology. Our ability to retrieve the needed knowledge rapidly and affordably from anywhere in the world is a powerful force for achieving justice and meeting the SDGs.

Digitalization, on the other hand, is generating new inequities, such as the digital divide (the knowledge gap between the haves and have-nots in the digital world). If Toppan is to achieve the digital transformation, the Group must meet the challenge of contributing to the realization of justice while resolving digital inequities. Justice will become more important at the organizational level within the Group, as well as at the market level the Group serves.

●Realizing a Sustainable Business and Enhancing Diversity

I have found that Toppan, a member of the manufacturing industry, is making steady, specific efforts to address environmental issues such as pollution and CO2 emissions. If the pursuit of the digital transformation can be made into a truly sustainable business for the Group, solutions for many environmental, social, and governance challenges will flourish.

Toppan must further clarify how the Group expects to address “environment, communities, and people” in the Business Materiality theme as a sustainable business. The “employee health & job satisfaction” theme under the Companywide Materiality has also become significant with the advent of COVID-19. Toppan is expected to intensify its diversity management and inclusion efforts to adapt to the drastic changes we are seeing in work styles, in the directions in which organizations are moving, and in the abilities required of individuals.

●Overcoming Contradictions and Creating Innovation

Some of the SDGs require us to balance goals that contradict each other, goals that require conflicting conditions to achieve, or short-term goals and long-term goals that seem inconsistent when pursued together. We need to depart from convention and try the completely new approach of balancing both goals together rather than prioritizing either one. The new approach of balancing both is what leads us to innovation. Contradictions are truly seeds of new value.

Visions and leadership are indispensable for overcoming contradictions and driving innovation. Toppan envisions a future of “fulfilling, sustainable living.” Toppan must strengthen its leadership and organization in order to pursue that vision. I would like all Toppan employees to see the rapid changes in our world as opportunities to create the future they wish to live in. I also hope that they will actively think and act towards realizing the future they desire by overcoming the various contradictions and achieving balance.

Ideals Pursued in Toppan’s Sustainability Initiatives: Fulfilling, Sustainable Living

To promote fulfilling, sustainable living, an ideal the Group is committed to realizing through its sustainability initiatives, Toppan has classified the material issues into two categories: “Companywide Materiality” (two themes) and “Business Materiality” (three themes).

Companywide Materiality

Environmentally friendly & sustainable production
Employee health & job satisfaction

Business Materiality

Environment (sustainable global environment)
Communities (creation of safe, secure, enriched communities)
People (empowerment and fulfillment of body and mind)

As a solid foundation for corporate activities, the two Companywide Materiality themes provide a platform to support the Toppan Group’s initiatives focused on the three Business Materiality themes.

The three Business Materiality themes are guideposts for Toppan to follow through the Group’s efforts to realize fulfilling, sustainable living. Efforts focused on every theme link to the other themes to reinforce the sustainability activities.