Material Issues of Focus in Toppan’s Sustainability Initiatives

Selecting the Material Issues

Toppan has selected a set of material issues on which to focus in its sustainability activities, in order to accelerate the development of initiatives to address social issues throughout the business enterprises of the Group. Toppan classifies the selected issues into two categories: Business Materiality, issues of focus in the Group’s business activities, and Companywide Materiality, issues for Toppan to address in Groupwide operations as a good corporate citizen.

Materiality Selection Criteria

In selecting the material issues, Toppan prioritized the principles of the Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Creed, and Conduct Guidelines presented in TOPPAN VISION 21 , the master plan plotting out the basic direction for the corporate activities of the Group. Along with the “markets & customers” and “technology & expertise” approaches encompassed within the Business Fields, Toppan has also embraced the concepts underlying the SDGs, a set of long-term global development agendas. The selected material issues are pathways for achieving the SDGs through the use of Toppan technologies and expertise geared to the creation of new value for society.

Selection Process

Toppan selected the material issues based on the criteria described on the right by comprehensively assessing corporate activities through discussions with relevant departments across the Company. The appropriateness of the selections was checked through dialogue with stakeholders and external experts. Senior management reviewed the selections and finalized them with authorization from the Board of Directors.

Process for Selecting the Material Issues
Process for Selecting the Material Issues
Materiality at Toppan
Theme Relationship with the SDGs
Business Materiality
(Issues of focus in the Group’s business activities)
Environment (sustainable global environment) 12 13 14 15
Communities (creation of safe, secure, enriched communities) 8 11 16
People (empowerment and fulfillment of body and mind) 2 3 4
Companywide Materiality
(Issues to address in Groupwide activities as a good corporate citizen)
Environmentally friendly & sustainable production 12 13
Employee health & job satisfaction 3 5 8

Business Materiality and Companywide Materiality

Toppan has classified the material issues into the two categories shown below to promote “fulfilling, sustainable living,” an ideal the Group is committed to realizing through its sustainability initiatives.

Business Materiality

Environment (sustainable global environment)

Communities (creation of safe, secure, enriched communities)

People (empowerment and fulfillment of body and mind)

The three Business Materiality themes are guideposts for Toppan to follow through the Group’s efforts to realize fulfilling, sustainable living. Efforts focused on every theme link to the other themes to reinforce the sustainability activities.

Companywide Materiality

Environmentally friendly & sustainable production

Employee health & job satisfaction

As a solid foundation for corporate activities, the two Companywide Materiality themes provide a platform to support the Toppan Group’s initiatives focused on the three Business Materiality themes.