Basic Approach

  • Quality assurance for products at the Toppan Group is a concern for every department, not only the departments directly responsible for production. Departments involved in marketing, R&D, planning, design, sales, and shipment all contribute to quality. This is why Toppan describes quality assurance as a total activity (“total quality assurance”) and strives to improve product quality and manage product safety throughout the Group.

    For the maintenance and improvement of product quality, the Group has established a Basic Stance on Product Safety Management and a set of Basic Guidelines on Product Safety Management to securely manage the safety of the products Toppan manufactures.

  • Basic Stance on Product Safety Management

    We promote product safety management throughout the Group by securing safety and improving the quality of our products based on the Basic Principles of Conduct Guidelines and the principles of corporate social responsibility as a protector of user* safety and health.

    *User: Includes both customer companies and end-user consumers.

Toppan’s Total Quality Assurance in Business Activities

Toppan’s Total Quality Assurance in Business Activities

Promotion Framework

The Quality Assurance Center in the head office Manufacturing Management Division holds a Japan-wide conference of quality assurance departments. Conference participants clarify various challenges related to safety management and quality assurance for products and monitor the progress of key initiatives to mitigate quality loss and further improve product quality. Every Group site consistently enhances a quality management system it has formulated under ISO 9001 to bolster product safety management. The Quality Assurance Center organizes seminars on ISO 9001 and training sessions for internal auditors every year. These training sessions aim to constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management systems underpinning total quality assurance across the Group.

The quality assurance department in each business division handles customer complaints and claims regarding Toppan’s products. When a serious product-related incident occurs, Toppan sets up an emergency taskforce in line with the Group’s rules on risk management to rapidly and properly handle the issue, giving the top priority to user safety. The Group has also established rules on corrective actions for claims from customers in accordance with ISO 9001. Based on these rules, the quality assurance departments determine fundamental causes, take optimal countermeasures, and prevent recurrence through the standardization of corrective actions.

The Quality Assurance Center compiles monthly data on customer claims and cases of product quality loss from business divisions and assesses the progress of improvement activities. For serious product-related incidents, the center examines the validity of recurrence-prevention measures and the status of efforts to sustain these measures. The Toppan Group has also adopted a production approval system to accredit Toppan sites and partner companies as facilities qualified to engage in the manufacture of food containers and packages according to the exacting quality-assurance levels required for safety and sanitation.