Basic Approach

The Toppan Group pursues diversity and inclusion (D&I) through three approaches: management, rewarding work, and business. For business, the Group creates universal design (UD) products and services by embracing UD as a viewpoint to practice D&I principles.

Toppan first launched its UD packaging consulting service back in 1999. Two years later, the Group formulated Toppan’s Six Principles on Universal Design, a series of principles to guide the development of products and services that value diversity throughout the business fields. Ten years later, in 2010, the Group announced the Toppan Declaration on Universal Design and revised the six principles into Toppan’s Seven Principles on Universal Design. A set of Guidelines for Universal Design in communication design and packaging was also formulated under the seven principles. In 2020, Toppan consolidated its UD businesses into “D&I solution,” an enterprise that continues to provide a widening scope of services.

Toppan Declaration on Universal Design

The starting point of our Universal Design is
the provision of dedicated products and services realized through
compassionate consideration of users.

By engaging in repeated dialogues with people from all walks of life
and consistently incorporating the ideas of each person,
we will create dedicated products that are
comfortable, easier-to-use, and environment- and human-friendly.

As a corporation extensively involved in human life,
we will help realize a society with a high appreciation of diversity
through approaches to Universal Design.

Established in April 2010

Toppan’s Seven Principles on Universal Design
  • Design products and services that are more responsive to people with different physical abilities and perceptions.
  • Facilitate communication using multiple channels for communication, including visual, aural, and tactile channels.
  • Make products easier to use by making them easier to understand.
  • Make products that are easier to move, easier to approach, and require less strength (remove the physical burdens).
  • Design products that are safe to use procedurally, functionally, structurally, materially, and environmentally.
  • Provide products at a reasonable price and in the amounts required by society.
  • Engage in design that appeals to the senses with consideration for comfort, enjoyment, and beauty.

Established in 2001
Revised in April 2010

Action Policy

Toppan’s Guidelines for Universal Design

The Toppan Group has been developing products and services based on its Guidelines for Universal Design in communication design and packaging.

Guidelines for Universal Design in Communication Design
Guidelines for Universal Design in Packaging

Examples of Communication Design Initiatives

Multilingual Digital Assistant BotFriends® Vision

    • Barrier-free Signage
      for Interfacing with AI

    The BotFriends® Vision signage system is a multilingual, AI-powered digital assistant that provides users with audio, text, and image guidance optimally matched to their queries.

    BotFriends Vision serves up both AI-generated wisdom and real-time answers from human service representatives working remotely. Designed in consideration of people in wheelchairs, the BotFriends Vision terminals offer helpful guidance at public and commercial facilities.

Initiatives for Fiscal 2021

Demo BotFriends Vision Terminal
Installed at Osaka-umeda Station
  • BotFriends Vision was selected by Hankyu Railway for a long-running test on customer guidance. A BotFriends Vision terminal installed at Osaka-umeda Station from July 2021 to March 2022 automatically responded to inquiries from passengers. Visitors to the terminal received information on train services, transfers, station facilities, and the complex geography of the Osaka-umeda area. The contactless CleanTouch Display helped ensure safety and offered enhanced convenience and hospitality for rail passengers.


    • Speech Translation App
      for Smooth Multilingual Communication

    An intuitive, easy-to-use, voice-based translation service supporting 30 languages. Users can register proper names and fixed phrases. The VoiceBiz® application has a reverse translation function to help users check whether the delivered translation expresses what they want to say. Helpful for serving customers at counters and in stores and for providing business support for workers from other countries.

Initiatives in Fiscal 2021

VoiceBiz Customized for Tea Ceremonies
  • Terminology specific to the tea ceremony and etiquette is registered on VoiceBiz for use in related courses at Vietnam-Japan University in Vietnam.

    Toppan and the Japan-Vietnam Tea Ceremony and Cultural Exchange Association have donated bilingual texts to Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology to support its translation database and R&D on AI translation technology. Toppan encourages public and private-sector organizations in Japan and Vietnam to introduce VoiceBiz as a tool for cultural exchange between the countries.

IoA Virtual Teleportation®

    • Remote Experiences
      via Avatars and Robots

    Based on the concept of the Internet of Abilities (IoA), the IoA Virtual Teleportation® technology allows people to transcend physical constraints online and enjoy remote experiences through an avatar or robotic twin in distant locations.

Initiatives in Fiscal 2021

IoANeck®Launched for Remote Experiences
  • An advanced wearable developed by Toppan. Worn around the neck like a necklace, IoANeck® enables the sharing of experiences from remote locations. Toppan has officially launched an IoA remote experience service pack for IoANeck as a tool for easily introducing services designed for IoA Virtual Teleportation, a technology that gives remote users the feeling of being physically present. The service pack has already been applied for business uses such as factory and showroom tours, business meetings, and factory safety inspections.

VR Experience of Dementia

    • An Interactive Tool
      for Understanding Dementia Sufferers

    A smartphone and paper-based VR goggles give users a simulated feeling of having dementia or of serving a customer with dementia. This VR simulation explains dementia and presents keys for serving customers affected with the condition. VR experiences facilitate viewer understanding of the behavior of dementia sufferers and help viewers learn how to support them.

  • Service overview of the VR dementia experience (in Japanese)

Initiatives in Fiscal 2021

Dementia Experience VR for Free in Tokyo
  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health distributed VR content enabling an experience of dementia to promote awareness (application period ended on November 30, 2021). Leaflets and paper-based VR goggles were sent free of charge to Tokyo residents who wished to learn more about dementia. The simulated experience helped people understand how it felt to suffer from dementia.


    • Universal Info Design
      for Enhanced Communication

    DentatsuClinic® is a total solution for enhancing the understandability of corporate messages. The solution covers all aspects of a message, from visual elements such as the font, font size, and color schemes to things like the page structure, the appropriateness of the text expressions and information stated, and the user’s affinity with the corporate branding. DentatsuClinic helps both the receivers and senders of information.

Initiatives in Fiscal 2021

In response to growing interest in developmental disabilities, the solution has been enhanced by updating expertise in expression in consideration of various cognitive characteristics, along with issues to do with gender and sexual diversity. A workshop on leaflet communication in a diverse society was also held for employees of clients engaged in catalog design and production.

To support the official DentatsuClinic website launched in December 2021, Toppan lectured at an external seminar held in January 2022 on the concept of Editorial Universal Design (E-UD), the basis for the DentatsuClinic solution. The knowledge base on E-UD was expanded to the public through the meaningful exchange of information at the seminar. Toppan will continue to enhance the Group’s know-how through exchanges with outside experts and work to improve communication in society at large.

Toppan Bunkyutai®

    • Fonts that Please the Eyes
      and Resonate in the Heart

    Toppan Bunkyutai®—a gentle typeface available in Mincho, Gothic, and headline styles—ushers in the future of print and display fonts. The words spelled out in this light, fluid, handwritten-like typeface are easy on the eyes and resonate in the heart.

Braille Neue

    • Communication Fonts for
      an Inclusive Society

    A universal font readable both by the fingers (braille) and with the eyes. Braille Neue helps create a society where the visually impaired and the sighted can communicate across the perceptual divide by reading and exchanging the same text.

Omakase Announce®

    • Barrier-free Communication Enabled by Speech Synthesis that Eliminates the Need for Recording

    This service uses speech synthesis to produce natural sounding voices that are close to that of real people. In addition to announcements in public facilities and narration of video, it can be used as a tool to aid understanding for foreign language speakers and people with impaired vision.—Web-based Multilingual Solution

    • Enabling Websites to Be Viewed in Multiple Languages

    With the mission of making it possible for people throughout the world to access all data in their first languages, this solution converts websites into up to 43 languages to drive success in overseas strategy and dealing with speakers of other languages.

Examples of Packaging Design Initiatives

Easier-to-Use, Paper Container for Oil

    • People- & Earth-friendly

    A drip-resistant, paper-based cooking-oil container with a double cap to adjust the poured volume to suit the use. The “Hold here!” mark and the grooves embossed on the sides make the container easy to hold.

    The empty container can be easily collapsed along the folding lines into a compact form, reducing the waste volume by almost half.

    Compared to conventional plastic bottles with the same capacity, this eco-friendly container cuts plastic use by over 60% and associated CO2 emissions by 26% or more.


    • Effortlessly Squeezable Package

    A tube-shaped pouch made with a film processed into a cylindrical shape and a molded plastic spout attached to the tip. The uniquely shaped spout and a body film thinner than a conventional laminated tube allow the user to squeeze out the contents of the tube with just a light press. The elderly and children can easily dispense a product until it is completely consumed. The pouch is also eco-friendly, as it contains much less plastic resin.

Reclose Pack

    • Easy-to-Open/Close,
      Excellent Preservation

    A primary food pack with an adhesive function that enhances re-sealability. After the container has been opened and partially emptied, it can be resealed with a reusable adhesive for secure food storage. This excellent resealing performance eliminates any need for wrapping films or storage bags to preserve product freshness. The contents of the package are fully protected from drying and other forms of quality deterioration, which reduces food loss.

    Once opened, a portion of the seal stays in place so that the user can easily see that the pack has been unsealed. This tamper-evident feature better ensures the safety of the food stored inside.

Pouch with a Press-to-Close Zipper

    • Easy-to-Open from Either Side

    This pouch promises persons of any age simple access to the adhesive skin patches inside. Once the package has been torn open from either side, the edge of the seal on one side protrudes slightly so that it can be easily grasped by fingertip to make it easy to zip and unzip the package whenever a new patch is needed.

    A tear-guard line, meanwhile, ensures that the pouch tears cleanly open along the scored dots without straying.

Bottle-type Container for Antiseptic Wipes

    • Daily-life Packaging

    The spring-action cap can be easily opened or closed with one hand. The innovative inner stopper ensures that the sheets are readily set and only pull out one at a time. Unlike earlier packaging for antiseptic wipes, this bottle-type container is designed in a sophisticated shape that blends in discreetly in room interiors to promote thorough disinfection in daily life.

Barrier-free Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

    • An Inclusive Package for Everyone

    A user-friendly package with visual and tactile cues for medication use. Guided by intuitive tactile cues, anyone (from persons with visual impairments to persons from different cultures) can easily open the package from the front and quickly reclose it after the tablet is dispensed. Large-font printing inside clearly displays the usage and dosage information. An Accessible Code® (QR code) gives users access to the same information in audio formats in multiple languages. The debossing provides a tactile indication of where the information is printed.

    • Front-opening design

    • Re-closable

Biomass Plastic Container

    • Convenient, Eco-beneficial Packaging

    A four-leaf clover shape when viewed from above. Fashioned with four sides that contour gently inward, this package can be easily held by seniors and children.

    The cup portion is partly composed of a biomass plastic derived from sugar cane. By incorporating biomass plastic, this eco-conscious packaging will reduce the consumption of an estimated 9.5 metric tons of fossil-fuel-derived plastic per year.

Hand Hygiene Bottle with a Silicone Strap

    • Go-anywhere Packaging

    A constant supply of hand cleaner or hand soap on your travels from place to place. The bottle strap easily attaches to bags, strollers, or anything else you carry. Clean your hands with a personal supply of soap whenever you wish.

    The simple, translucent silicone strap comes in pleasant colors and is adjustable to three length settings.

Itadaki (“dig-in”) Pouch

    • A Package that Works as a Bowl

    A microwavable, heat-resistant food pouch that stands and stays open on its own. Eat food directly from the pouch after simple microwave heating (no boiling or stovetop heating required).

    Simplified meal preparation without cooking or washing holds great advantages for markets like Japan, a mature society with many seniors and singles. This package meets the demand for precooked foods that can be enjoyed with minimal preparation.

Container for Sprinkle-type Seasonings

    • Packaging that Sprinkles Smoothly

    A grooved bottle shape for easier handling. Treated with a special process, this container eliminates the clumping of sprinkle-type seasonings that can occur when an open bottle top is exposed to moisture released from cooking. The hinged cap opens with a single action and reliably seals out air to reinforce the anti-clumping effect. A seasoning can be sprinkled out in just the right amount.

Packages for Contact Lenses

    • Package that Can Be Sensed by Sound

    This package has a locking function for closing and provides the user with a reassuring clicking sound enabling them to enjoy using it with comfort and peace of mind.

Packaging for Kampo Medicine Formulations

    • Packaging to Avoid Medication Mix-ups

    The clear, easy-to-use design prevents mix-ups between the hundreds of Kampo formulations prescribed. Patients and healthcare professionals can quickly tell one product from another from the numbers and colors displayed. This packaging prevents misidentification, reduces workloads, and enhances the safety and security of Kampo medications.

Pouch for Refilling Shampoo and Conditioner

    • Easy-to-hold, Easy-to-pour Packaging

    A stand-up pouch for refills. With a centrally positioned spout separate from the fill opening, PALM POUCH® is easy to hold and pours content easily into the refillable container. The stable spout position assures fast, smooth refills down to the last drop.

Tube Packaging for Food

    • Package that Closes with a Reassuring Clicking Sound

    The cap of this package closes with a clicking sound when it is turned through 180 degrees to inform the user that it has been firmly closed.

Swallow-proofing Blister Pack for Coin Cell Batteries

    • A Package that Prevents Accidental Swallowing by Children

    This package is very difficult for children to open by hand, and thus prevents the accidental swallowing of the coin cell batteries inside. The from swallowing the coin cell batteries inside the package. The battery pops out easily when the package is cut with scissors and pressed from both sides.

Air Hold Pouch®

    • Stable and Easy to Hold

    The Air Hold Pouch®has a vertical pocket of air in the side, making it more stable and easier to hold and use.

Smart Deli Bag

    • A Pouch for Simple, Convenient Food Preparation

    The Jo-deki Smart Deli Bag®is a steam release pouch with a zip that makes it possible for the user to add their own ingredients for a home-cooked touch. Tasty food can be prepared easily in a microwave oven, eliminating the need to use a flame or cooking utensils and reducing the workload for clearing up after meals.

EP-PAK Fold & Tear / Easy Removal Cap

    • A Package that is Easy to Separate for Disposal

    The top part of the pack can be removed easily by folding and tearing along the perforations by hand. Special processing also makes it easy to remove the cap by turning it, thereby improving recyclability.