Toppan’s Approach to Sustainability

Toppan’s Approach to Sustainability

The Toppan Group undertakes sustainability activities in accordance with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the guidelines of the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility, a globally recognized standard for organizations. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have also been incorporated into the Group’s sustainability activity targets.

Since its foundation in 1900, Toppan has supported various client companies in their efforts to overcome the challenges they face in business. The solutions Toppan offers to meet the ever-changing needs of markets and clients are based on wide-ranging specialist knowledge and expertise that have been derived from printing for more than a century. Year by year, Toppan continues to widen the business fields of the Group by applying its printing technologies on various fronts in society. As a corporation focused on the creation of social value, Toppan formulated TOPPAN VISION 21 in 2000 to clarify the philosophical basis for its Corporate Structure and define the prioritized Business Fields for the sustainable growth of the Group.

Japan joined with 192 other countries to adopt the SDGs at the UN Summit held in September 2015. The SDGs encompass 17 goals and 169 targets focused on social agendas the international community has committed to achieve by 2030. Private-sector businesses around the world are expected to join policy initiatives to address the issues under the SDGs. The various SDG agendas are the same issues Toppan should address as a corporation that strives to realize a sustainable society through TOPPAN VISION 21.

Toppan also formulated its TOPPAN SDGs STATEMENT in November 2019 to declare the Group’s commitment to initiatives for achieving the SDGs and actions for integrating those initiatives with management. The Group launched TOPPAN Business Action for SDGs in November 2020 as a step to intensify its SDG-focused activities.

Toppan will continue to take part in the global community’s SDG efforts by creating new value in initiatives to address social agendas through the Group’s business enterprises. Toppan will stay engaged in initiatives towards the realization of a sustainable society.

Promotion Structure for Sustainability Initiatives

Toppan has established a Sustainability Promotion Committee chaired by the President & Representative Director to drive the Group’s sustainability activities.

Working groups (WGs) are set under the committee to check the progress of sustainability activities and set out Toppan’s approach for promoting future activities. The committee deliberates the conclusions of the WGs and reports and makes relevant recommendations to the Board of Directors through the Management Committee. Based on the decisions of the Board of Directors on the directions of activities, the committee encourages the WGs to guide the respective departments across the Company in the planning and implementation of concrete measures.

Toppan also coordinates and shares information with Group companies to advance Groupwide sustainability initiatives. For intensified sustainability management, Toppan holds training sessions on sustainability for new employees every year and organizes annual Groupwide basic education programs for the employees of Toppan and the other main companies in the Group.

Convening the Sustainability Promotion Committee

Fiscal 2020

Toppan regularly convenes a committee to deliberate and determine important sustainability policies and measures and share information on the progress and results of sustainability activities across the Group. Decisions at the committee lead to further enhancements in the effectiveness of activities and the introduction of new measures. The committee met three times in fiscal 2020, in June and September 2020 and February 2021. The committee members discussed sustainability activities underway and generated outcomes to upgrade the initiatives.

① For achieving the SDGs, the committee specified the Group’s SDG-focused business activities by formulating TOPPAN Business Action for SDGs, an overarching plan that identifies nine areas of focus and business activities to be taken to address issues pertinent to Business Materiality. The committee also established the TOPPAN SDGs Unit, a new organization that promotes sustainability initiatives throughout the business divisions.

② For ESG information disclosure, the committee carried out in-depth discussions on the opportunities presented by climate change and countermeasures against climate change risk. From fiscal 2019, the committee has been conducting scenario analyses recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) with a view to identifying significant risks and opportunities and evaluating the financial impacts of climate change across the Group. The committee also held meetings to analyze evaluation scores based on the ESG ratings that external agencies had assigned to Toppan’s ESG information disclosures and to share the current picture on disclosure and future challenges.

③ For risk management, the committee clarified significant risks for fiscal 2021 by ensuring consistency of the descriptions of risks in various documents and sorting relevant risk information.

In activities throughout fiscal 2020, the committee reinforced Toppan’s sustainability promotion structure and systems while deepening the understanding of sustainability initiatives among all of its members, from upper management to general personnel. These activities formed a strong basis for promotion initiatives to come.

Challenges Ahead

Toppan regards the following as key approaches to forming new sustainability initiatives that address both Business Materiality and Companywide Materiality issues.

① Using outside viewpoints to further enhance the decision-making power of the committee

② Intensifying Groupwide sustainability initiatives

③ Enriching ESG information disclosure and gaining higher evaluations from third parties

Toppan will continue holding committee meetings to disclose ESG information and transform operations through ongoing plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycles. These activities are vital to Toppan’s growth into a “truly sustainable corporation.”